Welcome to Homdec lighting

We have been manufacturing luminaries for Indoor or Outdoor applications for the last two decades. We have supplied the domestic market with lighting fictures for Wall, Ceilling, Gate, Garden, - Flood Lights, Bollard Lights, Post Top Fixtures with Post etc. and Street Light Poles - Tubular Poles, Ornamental Poles, Keeping pace with ever changing taste of... the end user.

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Our Client

  Central Spine, Jaipur, J.D.A. Jaipur.

  Parliament House, C.P.W.D.

  Prime Minister House, C.P.W.D.

  Parliament Library, C.P.W.D.

  Civil Lines (Jaipur), J.D.A. Jaipur.

  Parliament House Annexe.

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Quality Focus

 The Company believes in Professional Management and uses adequate modern equipments in the manufacturing process for machining, metal finishing, pre – treatment and the required coating process. Strict quality control procedures are followed to maintain the required standards.