LED Bollard Light

Homedec Lighting is one of the premium brands when it comes to top LED Bollard Light Manufacturers. The products we design and supply have the quality to illuminate pathways and landscapes for pedestrian use and safety. Designed in sync with international quality standards, these products are used in large areas and offer increased energy efficiency between 80-90% in comparison to conventional lighting solutions. They are ideal for Parks, Gardens, Resorts and Much More.Unlike traditional ones, our LED Bollard Lights are not only cylindrical and rounded at the top, but they are cylindrical, square or any other vertical shape and can be used for house outdoor lights.

Features of Our LED Bollard

Unique features of Homedec LED Bollard allow them to build uniform light all around the ground surface with proper light on walkways. They give glare free distribution of light with more light on pathways. They have the quality of excellent heat dissipation and weather protection. They are lightweight and rust free luminaire with excellent finish. weatherproof luminaire, easy Installation with long service life are a plus. A uniform and optimum light output, our LED Bollard ingress Protection against insects, water, dust and other small items entry into luminaire for safety.

Usage of Bollard Light

Bollards are a different type of lighting fixture. They are ground mounted lights used for walkway or pathway illumination to to define the borders of a public area. Our LED Bollard Lights, Cast Iron Street Light Pole are designed using excellent raw materials and advanced technologies so they can withstand all weather conditions. They are stylish, contemporary as well as are designed to tolerate weather. They are water and dust resistant. At Homedec, you can find a wide collection of aluminum and mild steel Bollards Since they are manufactured in multiples, shapes, heights, and sizes, they meet any requirements. The best part is, our team can customize the bollards as per your unique needs and requirements.If you are searching for Ideal Green Lighting Solution, Bollards are the right option. Get in touch to know more about our products and how we can serve you as one of the leading LED Bollard Light Manufacturers.